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Julia's design philosophy begins with a shared understanding and trust between designer and client, and designer tradespeople. This collaborative spirit then builds into a strong design concept that supports the project from beginning to end. Drawing upon years of experience, Julia brings her love of design  into every angle of her work.

With both a graduate and undergraduate degree in interior design, Julia's passion for her profession shines through. Honing her skills in the corporate design world, she prides herself in creating unique and inspired design solutions.


"We have worked with designers before, but none as personable, professional or with such a great sense of style".


"Julia is kind, a good listener, a visionary and most of all exactly the designer you want and need."

"Along each step of the way she took

great care in helping us to make

the most creative and smart design choices"

"She gently nudged me

out of my comfort zone,

always came prepared,

listened carefully to my likes and dislikes"