Let’s chat about interior design…

Initial design inquiries begin with a telephone call where we discuss your project requirements and goals, planning and budget. From there we schedule an initial consultation and I’ll come over to your home with lots and lots of design ideas. I’ll measure and sketch your space and together we’ll page through a book of design images that I tailor to your planning requirements. We’ll have a lively discussion about what you like and dislike about your space and together we’ll create a program that speaks to your specific interior design needs.

Next steps are often out at a retail or wholesale location where we ‘kick the tires’ and discuss the merits of each purchase and how it fits in to your design concept. And speaking of purchases, by charging you a flat hourly fee for my time, I am able I pass along my professional discounts on to you, which often adds up to a significant saving off of everyday retail pricing. So, you get the best of my design skills plus the best pricing which equals a new and beautifully designed space for you!

So, are you ready? Here’s my number: 646-763-1898, Give me a call or if you are feeling a bit uncertain, just fill out the inquiry form on this website and I’ll call you instead. Either way, it will feel great to live in a well designed space that makes you happy to call your home.