Here’s a bit of my own professional backstory: I have an undergraduate and graduate degree in interior design which means that basically, I’m passionate about creating spaces that make people happy. I’ve worked on a corporate level in Manhattan on very large office design projects and have now been in private practice focusing on residential and small scale commercial design in Brooklyn since 2008, so my ability to work collaboratively is very strong. It’s really that mixture of strong design aesthetics, good listening and solid experience that I have to offer to you. My goal is to design spaces that are both creative and efficient and that radiate pride and happiness on a daily basis.

 Still not sure? Here's what clients say:

 "Julia Mack has a remarkable talent for quickly envisioning and communicating creative solutions; she looks, listens and sketches with concrete recommendations and resource information on the spot."Click Here

    "Her creative sense of design style, fabrics, colors and furniture layouts has transformed our space in to a chic, cozy and warm home. She is an excellent problem solver with great ideas."  Click Here

    "Her confidence and creativity are inspiring”