Living in a beautiful, high-functioning, efficient and well designed environment is important to everyone - it brings peace of mind and confidence, and makes daily life so much easier. Whether the space is a studio rental apartment or a spacious, multi-level house, my goal for each client is to enrich their lives through great design. This is achieved through careful space planning and well thought out furniture and accessory selections. Complex decisions are made easy by careful mapping out your goals and aspirations for your space.

Projects range from small scale hourly mini-design sessions tailored to optimize furniture layout to more comprehensive interior design and planning often including kitchen and bathroom renovations.

Based in Brooklyn, Julia Mack Design specializes in the interior design and decoration of residential and small scale commercial projects. Julia's goal is to create smart design solutions within a range of budgets.  

Each project is carefully programmed with a specific design concept in mind. With a wide range of suppliers, work moves forward with clear intent. Completed projects are successful because they combine clients programming needs with creative, thoughtful and stylish solutions.

All projects are under the direction of Julia Mack who has a graduate degree in interior design and over 15 years of experience in the residential design industry. She guides clients from initial consultation through to completion, working to insure a happy end-product for all. Re-use of existing favorite items is often the beginning of a design concept and provides a stepping stone to the bigger conceptual design idea. Individual client wants and needs are carefully addressed and new recommendations are made based on style, cost and scheduling.

Julia's work has been featured on Houzz, Brownstoner, Knoll, Inc, Design-Brooklyn and Apartment Therapy. 


    Still not sure? Here's what clients say:


    "Julia Mack has a remarkable talent for quickly envisioning and communicating creative solutions; she looks, listens and sketches with concrete recommendations and resource information on the spot."Click Here

    "Her creative sense of design style, fabrics, colors and furniture layouts has transformed our space in to a chic, cozy and warm home. She is an excellent problem solver with great ideas."  Click Here

    "Her confidence and creativity are inspiring."